How to Start a New Business Quickly and Economically

How to Start a New Business Quickly and Economically

These days, after watching the elite profiles on Instagram and Facebook encourage the people to start a business. Most people don’t prefer a 9 to 5 job. They don’t prefer a job where the boss keeps on passing orders for you. In this, you should go for consultation from an expert Tolu Olakanpo on business

So if you’re one of those who want to start a business quickly and economically than you’re at the right place. In this world full of technology you don’t need to open a store, spend money on buying property, etc. Instead, you can start an online store by sitting at home

We are here with various tips to start a business quickly and economically and from here you will get the proper information from experts like Tolu Olakanpo, who will provide you proper direction and supervision for your new business. Let’s see what are these tips are:

Top Tips For New Business:

· Take access to what you have. Don’t be sad if you don’t have a huge no. Of staff huge sales etc. Instead, focus on what you have, use the internet to explore the world, and do research on various small businesses.

· Change your mindset from money-oriented to skill-oriented. In this, you should understand you don’t need to publish your product by hiring expensive sales manager, etc instead you should first start meeting local buyer and start selling some units

· Listen to the advice of experts like Tolulope Olakanpo. By doing this you will able to see the benefits and disadvantages of a particular business. The expert opinion also comes with proper expenditure formation and collect information regarding source gathering.

· Make a chain, At the start, you may face difficulties in selling your product or growing your business directly. In this, you should take the help of some who is already in this field like your friend who has a shop for them. You can collaborate with him for selling your product.

In The End: Hope you enjoyed reading these few points. You should try to implement any one of these. The most important and effective way is to collaborate with someone who is already in this business or you can also go for an opinion from experts like Tolulope Olakanpofor professional advice.

Supervision and Direction in Business

Supervision and Direction in Business

In every type of business Supervision and direction plays a crucial part. So what it is? Supervision refers to look out for each and every work done by an employee and if we talk about direction than it’s a guide to employees to work in the proper direction.

Supervision and Direction exist in every business no matter it a small business or large scale business. We encourage our employees to work toward companies’ profit. In order to do all of these things we can conduct motivational and group discussions from experts like Tolu Olakanpo.

We can also go for informal group discussions in which everyone in the organization will get the opportunity to understand each other better. By discussion, we can provide social Satisfaction to employees and help him work better. Let’s talk about how supervision and Direction help an organization.

Benefits Of Supervision And Direction.

· Better Control: In supervision, the employer checks each and every skill of an employee and takes out the deviation from work done by an employee. It helps conserve the company’s resources.

· Motivation And Elevation: Direction helps employees work better by telling his mistake. We should consult a coach like Tolu Olakanpo who will provide better motivation to employees.

· Employers Enhancement: Supervision and direction not only helps employees but also helps employers to make better decisions for employees as well for themselves.

· Helps Equip Better Employee: Direction that we provide to our employees help improve and make him ready for future task handling and take out a load from top-level executives.

· Better Coordination: Better supervision and direction helps make the newly hired employee work together with other employees and form proper coordination.

Supervision is not just a work of senior to pass an order for subordinates, but also helps employees to elevate and provide company better future subordinates. The direction should be given to employee by better coaching from experts like Tolu Olakanpo.

In The End: Provision of both supervision and direction to employees not only helps the employees but also makes senior good decision-makers and also helps the employer to reach the top-level executive. And keeping these in mind you should also conduct informal meetings with the help of experts like Tolu Olakanpo to make employees stable at work.

Importance of Employee Encouragement

Importance of Employee Encouragement

Every business or company wants that he equips only that candidate who will work for them up to their limits. But in all of these things, we should think about the mentality of employees. Employers should make sure that employees should be fulfilled with all types of needs.

By saying all types of needs, here we are referring to need like economic, social needs. Many times companies tend to increase the payout of employees, instead you should also encourage their employees by not limiting his work. We should take the opinions of an expert likeTolu Olakanpo.

There are many ways to increase the prestige and morals of an employee. It also depends on the employee mentality. How can an employer motivate his employees, by giving social prestige or by economic benefits? Let’s talk about some of the ways by which we can keep our employees satisfied.

Tip To Complete Social Needs And Encourage Employee:

· Employee Social Freedom: Employers should provide freedom to Employees to express his or her views. He or she should work in a friendly environment.

· Employee Appearance And Value: We should encourage employee by showing their importance toward the company, for this, you can take an expert opinion from Tolu Olakanpo.

· Job Security To Employee: Provide job security to employees in which you can assure employees by taking initiative like provision of PF and health amenities to employees.

· Provide Opportunity To Employee: To elevate and encourage employees by giving him the opportunity for leadership by providing him a team of newly hired employees.

· Better Communication: You should encourage communication between senior to subordinate directly by direct contact in meetings or in discussions like expert Tolu Olakanpo prefers.

In The End: Hope you went through all of these points above and try to implement also. The main thing is that you should understand the need for employees. If an employee needs economic support than you should provide him economic support or if an employee is economically well than you should provide him social Satisfaction, by encouraging his work or by conducting motivational classes from experts like Tolu Olakanpo.

How Tech Supports The Business

How Tech Supports The Business

Today we are in the world in which we wake up in the morning carrying our phone in hand and go to sleep by listening to music. It’s not a bad habit but technology not only support employee or people it also helps conservation of company resources and saves time.

You should look for a better manufacturing machine, digital way of the group meeting, data handling. These things are not possible for a human to handle tasks like these along with this, the employer also provides coaching to their employees from experts like Tolulope Olakanpo.

Technology not only helps the companies but also elevates the lower section of the state or country. It helps them grow and provide better technological equipment to underprivileged children. By not taking much time let’s check out some benefits of technology to business firms.

Benefits Of Better Technology In Business

· Automatic processes: With the arrival of new technology everything is automated from data handling to email sending, from security alerts to bookkeeping, and many more.

· Need For Employee Elevation: New technology comes with better skills in employees. Employees should be prepared with the help of coaching from experts like Tolu Olakanpo.

· International Coverage: Technology also helps in the international conversation. Better Technology plays a significant role especially in 2020, where everyone wants to stay at home and be safe.

· Proper Handling Of Data And Accounts: By the use of better data management software, we can handle data and accounts effectively without any error.

· Helps Small Scale Business: It helps small scale to elevate them growing their business and selling their product by the help of the online website and online store etc

In The End: After observing we can say it helps businesses better reach like international selling. It also help to import better Technology with the help of which they can produce more unit in a day. We should try to increase the skills of our employees by conducting coaching with the help of experts like Tolulope Olakanpo.

Business Coaches and Business Coaching – What Are They?

The purpose of business coaching is to create sustainable transformation. I have not said this because I read it from any book; instead, my training and working as a business coach, helping and inspiring the growth of many successful organizations and leaders across the globe has offered me the opportunity to deeply understand how businesses behave prior to seeking the help of good business coaches, and what they become after the coaching process. Tolulope Olakanpo coaches people on how to take their passion and make it into a life-changing business. She unlocks the potential in people, inspires entrepreneurship, and develops winners.

So here are my thoughts on what business coaching, executive coaching, or leadership coaching is

Business Coaches

1. Crystal Clear Vision

Maintaining a crystal clear vision is without doubt the foundation of every successful organization. It is the compass for achieving business objectives and no organization succeeds without creating a compelling vivid vision. Your business coach has the responsibility to help you clarify your vision, ensuring that what you see aligns with your business objectives and passion. Your coach challenges you to demonstrate how your vision evolves in reality over a period of say; three to five years (short term), or ten to twenty years (long term). This time-traveling process is powerful and helps to put you in the perspective of the type of goals you want to achieve for your organization.

By applying effective questioning around this objective to clarify the reason behind your vision, the value it brings, and your target beneficiaries (niche); and supporting with genuine encouragement and inspiration, you will begin to see or feel a sense of enlargement in the scope of what you want to achieve, or where you want to be with your vision. This in turn creates a strong conviction and confidence in the direction your business is headed.

You must bear in mind that your vision to accomplish the desired results, the mission and values of your organization must be clearly defined and extremely over-communicated to your teams, customers, and other stakeholders.

2. Strategic Action Planning

As per Tolulope Olakanpo: “identifying and doing” only the most important things for the success of their business. The primary challenge is how to identify and constantly focus on improvement.

When business coaching tools are rightly applied it opens up the best options you must implement to achieve your business goals. Not only will you know them, but your coach will also inspire you with the required accountability for implementing the agreed actions within the agreed timelines. Talking of accountability brings to mind the thoughts of some of my colleague’s on this. Some believe that the word accountability is harsh and frightening to clients.

My belief is that irrespective of what you call it, it is the primary responsibility of business owners and leaders to do whatever is ethically morale to make their organizations successful. They owe it to themselves and every stakeholder and have the privilege to hold their employees liable for achieving them. But who holds them accountable on a continuous basis to ensure that they are constantly focused on doing their own part of the work to achieve the overall objective? The Coach of course!

I have noticed that in almost every organization, employees are either afraid of expressing their minds to CEOs genuinely or questioning some of the decisions they made. The reason is obvious; they are on the organization’s payroll and may lose their jobs for acting in what might be misconstrued as disrespectful or insubordinate manner. This behavior breeds a lack of open, honest, and robust communication in the organization and ultimately creates a dysfunctional working relationship that sabotages the performance and achievement of goals.

Business Coaching

In executive coaching or leadership coaching as the case may be, we fill the gap between chief executives, managers, or leaders and their employees. We question some of your decisions to make sure that they are in sync with the mission, vision, and values (MVV) of your organization. We also help you to see the impact your decisions will make on your organization, team, and customers… I hope you’re getting the idea?

3. Disciplined Execution

The best business coaching strategy will deliver no results until it is backed up with disciplined execution on the part of the client, in this case, you. What you will notice is that every day, CEOs, leaders, and entrepreneurs develop all kinds of ideas in the name of strategies some of which are great though. They know what to do but they don’t do them, and very often don’t know how to do them. This is one of the major problems most executives face, something I refer to as the “knowing-doing gap.”

Execution is the discipline of putting the right strategies, actions, and techniques to work to create the desired results. What I have discovered from working with organizations is that it is more difficult to make strategies work than it is to make strategies. Every implementation strategy requires commitment, accountability, and discipline to achieve the set goals.

So where does the business coach come into this? Good question. Experienced business coaches understand the existence of this problem and they support their clients to take baby steps, focusing on the smallest but most important part of the actions to get started. As the client progresses in the execution process, week after week and begins to feel the positive energy as a result of working with someone he trusts (the coach) that neither judge nor ridicule him when mistakes are made, his confidence increases and he takes on more work. The same is also true with his team as the coach works with them to help develop the same level of commitment and execution.

4. Skills Upgrade

As I said earlier, the primary purpose of every business coaching relationship is to create transformation in the business organization. In an ideal situation, your coach will never leave you at the same spot he met you. It is impossible!

Why have I said this?

During the business coaching process, your coach looks out for any skills-gap that might be impacting your business negatively. Typical of these are leadership skills, communication, delegation, time management, team building, customer/stakeholder relationships, effective planning, marketing and sales, and much more. He provides the support and motivation to help you to upgrade and become more effective in managing these areas to create more effective organizations and achieve extra-ordinary results.
 If you are thinking to take the help of a business coach then Tolulope Olakanpo can help you with her expert knowledge and guidelines.

The Meaning That Defines an Entrepreneur

By:- Tolu Olakanpo
Entrepreneur Defined Explained

Among the world of business today the people that are at the center are known as entrepreneurs other names they can be recognized for are businessmen, they are the sole owners who run the business however the meaning of a real entrepreneur varies. Tolu Olakanpo is one of the experienced entrepreneurs who proven her skills and created a successful business.

Webster’s revised dictionary defined that back in 1913 entrepreneurs were the people who make products for a beneficial purpose only, so it would seem that over the years this term has successfully evolved from back in the 1913s, in today’s world through this definition would seem quite blurred.

You may ask yourself how a person can be known as an entrepreneur when all he seems to do is produce a product. What then is a person recognized as that takes and labels some other person’s product and makes a success from them? Would they not be named as an entrepreneur as well? According to the Webster’s dictionary, an entrepreneur is a person who organizes, manages and takes on all the risks that are relevant to that business this definition is richer in content compared to the one above the risks they face are the ones that most businesses face with their investments in the market.

Social entrepreneurs are people who start up a new line of business within the health, educational, and many other subjects that they feel they can promote within the social change, a definition that was put forward by Ashoka refer to the entrepreneur as a person that organizes society that promotes social change.

Tolu Olakanpo says that those people who lead the innovations within the world of commerce is better known as a business entrepreneur whereas those who are known are social entrepreneurs are the marketers that drive social change to society. To sum all this together such definition points out that a business entrepreneur can not only start and promote any type of business but they can also promote change within this industry, one entrepreneur defines the term as a person who decides to take hold of his own future and becomes a self-employed person earning his own income from the products he wishes to promote creating his own business, he can also joint venture becoming part of a team such as multi-level marketing.

For a person to be called an entrepreneur he needs to be daring by taking risks he needs to accept the challenges of either winning or losing in the business world and keep an open mind to the possibilities with the results from that business,

What skills do you require to become an entrepreneur?

There are a few pointers that need to be addressed before you venture into the business of entrepreneurship the following list can help you prepare:

Plan and organize: This is part of the setting up and specifying that goal that you wish to commit to keeping to the work schedule that you put in place.

Working with people: socializing with people is always needed in an entrepreneur for if you cannot interact or influence people chances are you will not succeed.

Handling money: Your budget is important your business needs to be carefully worked out, all financial transactions have to be recorded such as loans and other costs you may encounter while you are setting up your business; the entrepreneur has to be an expert in this field.

Selling products and ideas: Tolu Olakanpo suggests that entrepreneur needs to know the correct way of selling, it does not matter whether it is the form of information or a material product you will still need to know the correct method to selling as this is the only way you are going to make a profit.

Management: some say if you do not have management skills that you should not be an entrepreneur, Tolulope Olakanpo disagree with this in some respects somewhere inside each of us is the skill to manage ourselves you decide what is the right or wrong way to do things if you are working with a budget you know how much you need to put aside for business expenses, everyone is a manager of his own life in some way or another, If you truly desire to become an entrepreneur then you will.

Risk-taking: Like any business venture risks are there, winning is not always possible there are two possibilities one is winning the other is losing, whichever one confronts you anyone with good business sense will know how to handle the problem.

Tolu Olakanpo | Entrepreneurs Believe in Themselves

Entrepreneurs are people who believe in themselves. (Not discounting religion or faith at all.) An entrepreneur does not always know exactly how things will turn out but you can be sure they believe they will be successful at whatever they do. So why are really successful entrepreneurs good at so many things? They believe they can do something. Tolu Olakanpo is one of ideal for entrepreneurs. She proved her entrepreneurial skills very well.

An entrepreneur is very much like an athlete. A successful athlete wakes up early in the morning before most people hit the snooze button to go out for a run. There is no doubt in athletes’ minds that they are in control of their bodies and there is no one who can beat them. For professional athletes, the distraction of newfound wealth and fame can be challenging as well.

Tolu Olakanpo | Entrepreneurs Believe in Themselves

So the athletes focus on their sport always striving to be the best. By high school, most athletes have selected a sport or two and train religiously every day to improve their skills or reduce their time. This is a way of life that includes coaches and teams to help keep you on track. Starting from a young age there are camps and programs for every conceivable sport. You can excel in any event or team which considers your accomplishments to be worthy of inclusion.

The best athletes work hard to be the best they can be at one thing and many other activities may be neglected. Entrepreneurs work hard to be the best they can be but, they do not have a support system of a team to hold them in line. There are no teams for the free spirit of the entrepreneur. Mom and Dad did not take you out to the business library three times a week so that you could get on the entrepreneur team.

There are no organizations for the young mogul. No summer camp for our little entrepreneur but, there are many for an eight-year-old future prima ballerina. Those camps are so busy that I bet you know several professional ballerinas. So where does our young future mega-wealthy entrepreneur get started since there is no coaching staff at the middle school?

The answer is that entrepreneurs become good at many things. There are people like Tolu Olakanpo who supporting entrepreneurs and promoting entrepreneurship. Their desire to succeed does not only pertain to money. A true entrepreneur does not always know what field or business they will find themselves. True, many people start from a young age to follow a dream but, many find the dream and then try to build on it. Giving 110% until reality throws a boulder on them and says, “Try something else.”

So the future entrepreneur finds opportunities and interests that they find fascinating. Exploring the situation more thoroughly is never a small undertaking. Like the athlete, these are highly driven, highly talented, motivated individuals who want to succeed at everything they try. They just have not found what they will succeed at, due to the lack of structure which guides the athlete’s world.

Entrepreneurs go from hobby to hobby and sport to sport seeking greatness only to come up short more often than not. So off to school where they impress the staff as the hardest workers and most dedicated students, or they end up barely graduating because they just were not interested in anything enough to give a damn about the subject.

So now the entrepreneur has many talents and is quite a convincing salesperson. Endowed with charm and wit, they usually give others a sense of confidence in their ability. Everywhere you look there are opportunities for the entrepreneur. Success and failure are like the athlete getting to the playoffs but not making the finals, but there is no team for the entrepreneur to console or congratulate. Family aside, there is no team in entrepreneurs. It can be lonely and hard to face defeat without knowing where to turn next.

This does not last long for an entrepreneur. No matter what happens this is just another failure that makes the entrepreneur more capable in the future. Either a victory or loss is simply another lesson to be learned and studied for the next endeavor. Like an athlete who wakes up after the big defeat, an entrepreneur is still an entrepreneur the next morning.

Champions however can be athletes or entrepreneurs. The athlete that becomes a champion may not have always been a champion but was always an athlete. The entrepreneur will either win or lose but will always be a champion for having tried something new. Giving their best every time and looking to find gold when no medals are being offered can be as difficult as training for a sport. Entrepreneurs believe in themselves seeing gold medals as the elusive brass ring to be sought after and won. Tolulope Olakanpo is helping people to fulfill their goals, follow their passion, and learning entrepreneurship skills.

7 Actionable Email Marketing Tips to Grow Your Small Business

Email Marketing is still the most cost-effective medium of marketing and reaching out to prospects in a cost-effective way. Marketers have crowned this form of marketing as the one with the highest ROI.
Attractive emails that have been crafted to precision have been able to catch the attention of the audiences straight away and have resulted in converting the potential prospects into customers and life-long customers.

To help you craft effective email campaigns, below I am sharing 7 tips that can boost the end results for your business. Read them carefully.

7 Actionable Email Marketing Tips to Grow Your Small Business

• Make it Easier for Your Prospects to Opt-in
Don’t bombard your prospects by asking for too much information from them. Keep the registration phase simple with just the name and email id as the requirements to get registered. Avoid using long registration forms and make the process a ‘1-click step’ rather than multiple steps.
 • Incentivize the Registration Process
You need to be good at this, if you are asking users to share their email id & name with you, then what is that they will get as a gift in return for the favor. Mention the benefit clearly in the registration box.
What is the exciting freebie they will get, something valuable, an e-book, a discount coupon, or an off on the next purchase? Make it alluring as a magnet to draw people to register easily.
 • Re-think on the Position of the Registration Box — It Matters
You need to think and carefully plan for the position of the registration box, as it does affect the conversion rates. You need to decide from amongst the various positions a box can be placed, which can be,
 • In the first scroll of the page (without scrolling the same is visible)
 • In the Top-right sidebar
 • At the bottom of the blog-post or article
 • In the footer section
 • The top section of the homepage
 • Give Them An Idea About Your Publishing Schedule
Give clues to your subscribers about your newsletter and email or whatever kind of information material like an infographic or seasonal offer deals you will be publishing and on what durations like weekly, fortnightly, monthly or occasionally.
 • Customize Emails And Add A Personal Touch
If you are employing the services of a third-party vendor to send emails, then make sure you pay attention to the emails sent. Customize the messages by making them feel personal. Make the users feel cared for.
Guide them through each step; if they are subscribing to the monthly newsletters then guide them with messages on successful registration and to check the confirmation email and then ask them to respond to the email by clicking on the link.
 • Craft an Engaging Email Copy
You need to spice up your email copy to make sure your subscribers get glued to your business. Even if you need to share information make it crisp, by using smart titles & headings, using short paragraphs instead of long and unformulated texts that look boring and encourages users to skip.
The use of images that resonate with your message is also a great way to make the email copy engaging. Also, use Alt text for images as many of the email services don’t support visualization.
 • Plan your email campaigns the Mobile way
As per eMail Monday, a Mobile email will account for 20 to 75% of email opens, depending on your target audience, product, and email type.
With a huge percentage of users accessing the emails directly on their smartphones, it is ideal to design email campaigns so that they are fully mobile responsive. Make sure you test them across different devices and ensure the layout is also engaging.
Email marketing is a result-driven marketing strategy for businesses worldwide. Small businesses must also benefit from this and build their subscriber base employing the hacks discussed above.
 All the Best for your next email campaign!

Who is Tolu Olakanpo?

Tolu Olakanpo coaches people on how to take their passion and make it into a life-changing business. She unlocks the potential in people, inspires entrepreneurship, and develops winners. She describes herself as a go-getter, a fighter with the knowledge that everything is within your reach if you put your mind to it and focus.

Her motto is Conceive, Believe and achieve because if you can dare to conceive it, and you believe it, you can achieve it with God’s backing.

Tolu has a background in Political Science and Law and is a serial entrepreneur. Haven established successful businesses some that have seemingly “failed” due to the economic downturn and life events and losing her job, her career and subsequently maligned, slandered, made false allegations against and having aspersions cast on her integrity, with barely an opportunity to “defend” herself going back to ground zero, she despite it all put all behind her, dusted herself, remained focussed and steadfast and determined within her to put her energy back into building her life back and new businesses.

Coming out tops, with successful businesses to her name, she is now on a mission to inspire and impact others to live their dreams, particularly women who feel or have been told that they have failed in life, in destiny, and feel all is lost. With God on one’s side, we can move from tragedy to triumph, from pain to profit and become that person we have dreamed to be and that God has purposed us to be.

Visit her website at on further tips and advice on how to become an entrepreneur, how to build multiple sources of income, how to rise up from a fall, and kick start your life, personal development, and many more.